PensionEase is a feature that allows you the option to complete your retirement application online. PensionEase is a secure, online tool that will take you step-by-step through the retirement application process and can be accessed through

Features of PensionEase

  • Simple to follow process;
  • Less paper to manage;
  • Electronic forms, all found in one place;
  • Ability to upload required documents;
  • Document centre that indicates the status of your documents; and 
  • Reduced transit and turnaround time. 

You still have the option to send your retirement application through regular postage, but retiring online through PensionEase may be the right tool if you:

  • Are eligible to retire in PSPP;
  • Have access to a desktop or laptop computer;
  • Have access to a printer, scanner and/or smart phone for copying documents to upload; and
  • Are no more than 90 days from retirement.

You may not be able to complete your retirement application in PensionEase if you: 

  • Are applying for a disability pension; 
  • Have a change in marital status; or
  • Are dividing your pension due to divorce or separation.

Whether you retire online or by mailing in your application, you have access to in-person information sessions to help you understand your pension options

How to Access PensionEase

Access PensionEase by logging in to your account. If you need help registering for an account, you can find information about that process on the information page of this website. 

When Should You Start Your PensionEase Application

PensionEase follows the same retirement steps as retiring through a printed and mailed application, except that it is completed and managed online. As with a mailed application, we recommend submitting your application on PensionEase three months before your selected retirement date to allow enough time to complete the retirement process. When selecting your retirement date in PensionEase, the tool will only allow you to select a date that is no more than 90 days into the future. 

Where to Find More Information About PensionEase

For more information about PensionEase, please contact us. You can also find more information about the tool by logging in to PensionEase is just one of the features of

Experiencing Issues Using PensionEase? 

If you are experiencing difficulties using PensionEase, please contact us at 1-877-453-1PSP (1777).