The PSPP Corporation Board of Directors (the Board) is supported in its duties by three committees that report and make recommendations to the Board.

Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its obligations and oversight responsibilities relating to:

  • Financial planning and reporting
  • Risk management 
  • Financial signing authority and controls
  • Audits of the Corporation and the Plan
  • Quality and integrity of financial statements

Read: Finance and Audit Committee Terms of Reference

Members :

  • Liliana Cordeiro (Chair)
  • Bonnie Andriachuk
  • Emilian Groch
  • Kerry Swann

Governance and Human Resources Committee

The Governance and Human Resources Committee (GHRC) assists the Board with ensuring policies and processes are in place to support good governance of the Board, its committees and PSPP Corporation. The GHRC also assists the Board with its oversight responsibilities regarding human resources processes for the CEO and the Corporation.

Responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing Board governance policies and procedures, skills matrix, and bylaws of the Corporation
  • Processes to assess the effectiveness of the Board and its committees
  • Monitoring best practices and developments in corporate and pension governance, and human resources management
  • CEO performance evaluations
  • Reviewing the position description, recruitment strategy, compensation and succession plan for the CEO and other key positions as applicable

Read: Governance and Human Resources Committee Terms of Reference


  • Todd Gilchrist (Chair)
  • Bonnie Andriachuk
  • Jan Goodwin
  • David Lardner

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee (IC) assists the Board in fulfilling its obligations and oversight responsibilities relating to the Plan’s investments, which includes:

  • investment and performance of the PSPP fund
  • investment risks
  • the performance of AIMCo as investment manager and external investment advisors
  • compliance with the Board’s investment policy and applicable laws and regulations
  • undertaking special studies as authorized by the Board, including periodic asset-liability studies

Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) provides investment management services in respect of the Plan fund. AIMCo has the discretion to make investment decisions but must invest and manage the Plan’s assets in accordance with an investment policy set by the Board.

Read: Investment Committee Terms of Reference


The IC is comprised of up to five members of the Board and three external investment or finance professionals chosen for their expertise in investments. 

  • Emilian Groch (Chair)
  • Liliana Cordeiro
  • Jan Goodwin
  • Ross Prokopy
  • Kerry Swann
  • Janet Jule (external member)  
  • Wes Peters (external member)     
  • Louise Poirier-Landry (external member)     

External IC Members

The Board recruits and appoints external IC members using an open and skills-based recruitment process to fill vacancies. External members are selected based on their senior level of experience in and knowledge of institutional investments, risk management, and pension governance and funding.

Three external members are appointed to the IC by the Board for a two- or three-year term. External IC members may serve on the IC for up to a maximum of two consecutive terms. Their performance is evaluated by the Board annually.

Janet Julé

Janet is the Chief Investment Officer for Saskatchewan Healthcare Employees’ Pension Plan. She brings 30 years of investment-related experience, including over 20 years in investment consulting prior to her current role, most recently with Aon Hewitt. Janet was also consultant and director with Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan.

Janet has a B. Admin from the University of Regina majoring in accounting and finance, is a CPA, CMA, and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). She also holds the ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Janet is active in the pension community including the Pension Investment Association of Canada, and she is currently serving as committee chair for the organization’s internal newsletter. She joined the Investment Committee in December 2016.

Wesley Peters

Wes is Vice President Investments at the Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company where he manages the Insurance company’s investments and investments for the company’s Canadian and US employees’ defined benefit pension plans. He is a Board member, Governance Committee member, and past chair of the Investment Committee of the Calgary Foundation.

Prior to joining Wawanesa, Wes managed pension investments for Canadian Pacific Railway and then for the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation. He is a former Mercer consultant, past president of the Calgary CFA Society, and was Superintendent of Pensions for Manitoba.

Wes has a B.Comm (Hons) from the University of Manitoba majoring in actuarial mathematics, and he is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

He joined the Investment Committee in January 2018.

Louise Poirier-Landry

Louise is an executive, with more than 35 years of national and international experience in finance, investment/portfolio management, pension, risk management and governance. She has held senior-level investment positions at organizations such as AXA Canada, Standard Life and Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec.

Louise has served on a number of boards and committees, including the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and N45, the first Canadian issuer of commercial mortgage-backed securities. Louise is also a member of the Quebec Financial Women’s Association.

Louise holds a bachelor of economics and a master of economics from the University of Montreal. She also earned the ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors.

She joined the Investment Committee in May 2018.