PSPP Corporation offers free information sessions on a variety of topics to all PSPP members. Currently, many of our sessions are offered online but connect with your employer to ask about in-person sessions. We also have recorded videos and information sessions available.

If you are an employer, please email us at PSPPCorporation@pspp.ca to schedule a dedicated webinar for your employees.

Virtual Member Sessions

Transferring Service: Recorded Webinar

  • Are you new to PSPP but coming from another employer who also contributed to a Defined Benefit or a Defined Contribution Pension Plan?

  • Did you know you can transfer service from another employer which can help you retire sooner with PSPP?

  • This pre-recorded webinar includes important information on how to determine if it's within your best interest to transfer your pension as well as how to do so.


Coming Soon

Working with Your Pension and Your Life Events

  • Are you new to PSPP or are you looking to maximize your Pension Benefit during your working years?

  • This member webinar includes an introduction to PSPP, how it is funded, and some pension essentials such as how payroll contributions are collected from both full and part-time members.

  • This session addresses some life events such as leaves and termination, relationship breakdown, and death before retirement.

Preparing for Your Retirement

  • Are you prepared for retirement? How does your PSPP benefit fit into your retirement income? Will your PSPP benefit be enough to support you when you retire?

  • This member webinar includes an introduction to your retirement income streams, your PSPP pension formula, reduced pension and choosing a retirement date.

  • The session includes an introduction to basic financial planning concepts such as completing a pre- and post-retirement income comparison and budgeting.

Step by Step to Retirement

  • Getting ready to retire? Have questions around how to apply for your pension? Are you familiar with your pension options?

  • This member webinar walks you through the nine steps to retirement and details your disbursement choices with your Pension Options.

Life in Retirement

  • Are you already retired or looking to retire soon and wondering what you can do while receiving your pension?

  • Are you thinking about moving to another province or out of the country?

  • This member webinar includes details on your pension payments, income tax considerations, cost of living increases and what to think about if you want to return to work.