Here you will find our series of member brochures, suitable for different times in your life. Please visit our Videos and Information Sessions page for more opportunities to learn about your pension!

  • Your PSPP Pension Plan: Your first guide to your Public Service Pension Plan. It includes information on Your Pension Profile, Vesting, Part-Time Work and Pension Contributions.
  • Preparing for Retirement: What are your Pension Options? When can you retire? Whether you are approaching retirement age or just have some questions, find out more about the retirement process with PSPP.
  • Relationship Changes: It's important to know how relationship changes may impact your pension. Find out what happens if you get married or become common-law, or if your relationship ends.
  • Taking a Leave of Absence: Unpaid leave periods, where no contributions to your pension are made, will cause gaps in your pensionable service. PSPP offers different options that can assist you in keeping your pension contributions up to date.
  • Death Before Retirement: It's difficult to think about what will happen to your loved ones after you pass away. This is information about what will happen to your pension benefit.
  • Leaving Your PSPP Employer: You have several options available to you when you leave your PSPP employer, depending on your age and whether or not you are vested.


Here you will find useful tools and resources to help you plan your career and retirement.

  • Your Retirement Expense Worksheet: Use this form to compare your pre-and post-retirement budgets. Find out how much you will need to retire to the lifestyle you want!