Sponsor Board Rules & Policies

The PSPP Sponsor Board has authority to make rules governing the Sponsor Board itself, the Plan and PSPP Corporation:

  • Sponsor Board meeting practices and procedures – Read: Rules of Order.
  • The composition of the Sponsor Board, subject to certain restrictions.
  • Remuneration to be paid to directors of the Corporation – Read: Director Remuneration policy
  • Funding principles for the Plan – Read: Funding Policy Statement
  • Withdrawal of a participating employer from the Plan.
  • Admission of new participating employers to the Plan, including approving or denying applications in the absence of any such rules.
  • Agreements entered into by the Corporation for the reciprocal transfer or portability of pension between PSPP and any other pension plan.
  • Costs, charges and expenses that may be charged to the Plan fund by the Corporation – Read: Plan Cost rules.