PSP Board

The PSP Board (Board) is responsible for providing prudent governance of the Plan. It does so by advising and consulting the President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance (the Minister) on various matters concerning the Plan's governing legislation, investment policies, administration guidelines, Plan expenses, and more.

The Board is responsible to:

  • set contribution rates for PSPP employers and members;
  • have an actuarial valuation of the Plan prepared at least every three years;
  • ensure that the Plan is funded according to the Public Sector Pension Plans Act;
  • make recommendations about changing the Plan rules;
  • set general policy guidelines on investment and management of the Plan fund's assets and the administration of the Plan;
  • review administrative decisions affecting an individual's pension benefit; and
  • review the responsibilities of the trustee, the Minister, every five years.

The Board's Mandate and Roles Document provides clarity on the governance of PSPP, and the roles and responsibilities of the Minister and the Board.

Vision, Mission and Values


The Public Service Pension Plan is a highly valued, reliable component of compensation recognizing dedicated public service and contributing to a secure retirement.

Mission Statement

To govern the Plan to ensure its sustainability by:

  • following best practices in pension plan governance and management;
  • prudent investment of the fund; and
  • adherence to applicable rules, laws and regulations.


The following values will guide the Board in carrying out its mission:

  • Collaboration - working together to achieve results.
  • Stewardship - management and care of Plan resources for the benefit of Plan members.
  • Independence - acting in the interests of Plan members.
  • Equity - costs and benefits are shared equitably among different generations of Plan members.
  • Transparency - providing relevant information to the trustee, stakeholders and Plan members.

Contact the Board if you have inquiries regarding the governance of the Plan.


Mail:                 PSP Board      
                           5103 Windermere Boulevard SW      
                           Edmonton, AB T6W 0S9

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