Plan Amendment Requests

To ensure that the Plan continues to be valued by its members and stakeholders, the Sponsor Board has adopted a process to receive Plan amendment requests. Any PSPP member or stakeholder can formally request that the Sponsor Board consider an amendment to the Plan text, keeping in mind that Plan amendments apply to all members, not just a specific individual.

Requests must be in writing and may be submitted by email. All requests must include the full description and rationale for the Plan amendment along with your name and contact information. PSPP Corporation may contact you for additional information or to verify your request. Requests submitted with all required information by June 30 will be reviewed by the Sponsor Board each Fall.

Depending on the complexity or impact of the amendment, a decision may be deferred to allow for additional analysis or further consideration. To promote transparency, a summary of all amendment requests along with the name of the requestor will be published on this page and listed for a period of six years.


PSPP Corporation
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Status (As the requests move through the stages of review, the status will change.)


Pending Review: The Sponsor Board has not yet reviewed the request.

Under Review: The Sponsor Board requires additional analysis to consider the amendment.

Approved: The Sponsor Board has approved the amendment.

Postponed: The Sponsor Board has reviewed the request but has postponed a decision on the amendment.

No Longer Considered: The Sponsor Board has decided not to pursue the amendment.


Requested by Date Requested Description Status Notes
W. Lang August 23, 2021 PSPP Corporation received an application to request that active members, while they continue to accrue benefits beyond age 65, receive an actuarial increase to their pension benefit. Under Review