is a secure website for active, deferred or retired members. You can log into to view or update your personal information, and even use it as a retirement planning tool.

If you have not registered for this secure website, go to and click the "Register" button.

Tips for registering:

  • You'll need your member identifier: a 10-digit number that appears on any mailed correspondence from PSPP or APS. For example, you can find it on recent PSPP welcome letters or your annual Pension Highlights.
  • Read this PDF for further information on how to register.
  • Contact us if you need assistance registering for

Features of

  • Go Green: Once you register for, you'll automatically receive your statements, newsletters and other publications online. You can change to paper communication at any time.
  • Personal information: Quickly view and update your contact information, or even manage your banking and direct deposit information.
  • Beneficiary Information: Easily add or update your beneficiaries.
  • Secure Mailbox: Use the secure mailbox to request information and services, or to submit documents and forms to PSPP.
  • Service and Salary History: See the reported amount of your pensionable service and pensionable salary, as provided to us annually by your employer.
  • Pension Projection Calculator: Use your actual pensionable salary and pensionable service to help you project your future pension.
  • Buyback Balance: If you're paying for prior service or a period of leave through a buyback, this will show you how much you have left to pay. It's updated every pay period.
  • PensionEase Retirement Application: Use the online retirement application tool to complete your retirement application and manage all documents and forms necessary to receive your pension benefit. Read more about PensionEase.
  • Pension Payment Details: Retired members can update direct deposit details, view the dates of upcoming pension payments and see pension payment history, including deductions.
  • Pension Option: Review the details of the pension option you selected at retirement. (The option cannot be changed once a benefit payment has been made.)
  • Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA): You can see details of the annual COLA to your pension payments.
  • Tax Slips and Forms: Retired members can find the tax slips and forms needed, including provincial TD1s or T4As.
  • Schedule a One-on-One Information Session: If you need help understanding your pension benefit and statements, such as your Retirement Benefit Statement or Termination Statement, you can register for a one-on-one information session.

Contact us if you need help registering for or want more information.