Videos and Information Sessions

PSPP Corporation offers free information sessions on a variety of topics to all PSPP members. Please consider the list of videos below or check out our online webinars.

PSPP Retirement Pension Options (9:15)

  • When you apply to receive your PSPP retirement pension, you will choose a Pension option. Do you have a Pension Partner? What is a Guaranteed Period? Answer these questions and more in this short, 9 minute video.

Pension Service Transfer Process (7:28)

  • If you were a member of another Registered Pension Plan before joining PSPP, you may be able to transfer the service you earned into your new Plan. You could vest sooner, increase your monthly pension, and even retire earlier with an unreduced pension! Find out more in this short, 7 minute video.

Quick, Single-Topic Videos

Welcome to PSPP (1:19)

PSPP Corporation CEO Lynette Martin welcomes you to the Public Service Pension Plan with a brief overview.

What is PSPP? Contributions, Investments & Benefits (1:12)

This short video provides a preliminary introduction to the Public Service Pension Plan. What are contributions? How are they invested? What are the benefits that result?

How to use Your Pension Profile - YPP (1:22)

Welcome to your secure, online portal where you can update your pension and contact information, check your pension status and ask questions through a secure messaging system.

About PSPP Corporation - Roles & Governance (1:49)

This video introduces you to PSPP Corporation, the Trustee for the Public Service Pension Plan.

Benefits of PSPP to Employees, Employers & the Economy (1:53)

The Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis (CANCEA) examined the overall benefits of Defined Benefit pension plans.

How PSPP Contributions are Calculated (0:52)

If you wonder how PSPP Corporation calculates contribution rates every year, this video is for you.

What is a PSPP Pension Partner? (1:18)

Your pension partner is an important part of your life - and your retirement planning. Find out more in this short video.

Who can be a PSPP Beneficiary? (1:18)

Learn about Beneficiaries in your PSPP pension plan. Can you name an individual, a charity, an organization or a minor?

What is "Being Vested" in PSPP? (0:34)

What does it mean to be vested in your plan? Do you qualify for a lifetime pension after you retire?

Leaving PSPP Before Vesting (0:47)

What happens if you leave your PSPP employer before you are vested? You have some choices available!

Leaving PSPP After Vesting (1:12)

What happens if you leave your PSPP employer after you are vested? Some choices depend on your age, but this video will help you learn more.

Transferring Other Pension Service to PSPP (1:00)

You can transfer prior pensionable service to your new PSPP pension - PSPP has agreements with many other federal and provincial plans.