Employer Education

To support Employers with their roles and responsibilities, PSPP Corporation is pleased to announce that we are providing more flexibility with employer education!

Previously, PSPP employers were encouraged to attend a full-day review of the year-end process in the fall. Starting this year, four separate webinars will be offered numerous times between October and January to work with employers' busy schedules.

After September 20, you can register for these sessions by logging in to the Employer Portal, then clicking Business Functions, followed by Education Workshops. Select your dates for each of the four sessions and click "Add Me" for each. Please add your dates to your calendar. You will receive a follow-up email with a Teams link five to ten days before your selected sessions.

Employers are encouraged to attend all webinars. Whether you are new to the role or simply require a refresher, these webinars will ensure you are kept up to date on potential system and process changes.

Employer Education Sessions

1. Testing Your Data: October - November

During this session, we will review how to create a source file and proceed to test the data we input into the source file in the Employer Portal.

2. Contributory Leaves: November - December

During this session, we discuss what a contributory leave of absence is, the tasks associated with administration, and the deadlines that need to be met for year-end reconciliation.

3. Validations: November - January

During this session, we will help employers understand why some of the most common validations occur, look at what data needs to be reviewed, and offer tips and tricks to navigate those validations.

4. Reports & Reconciliation: December - January

During this session, we cover the reports used to reconcile your pension year. This will be followed by a discussion on the actions to take when discrepancies are found.