Benefits to Becoming a PSPP Employer

  1. Attraction and retention
    Your employees are your most important asset: PSPP can be a huge part of their compensation package. Becoming a PSPP employer enables you to attract and retain the talent that you need. Over 80% of defined-benefit plan members agree that their pension plan contributes to staying with their employer.
    PSPP can play a key role in an employee’s decision to join your organization over another.
  2. Professional Investment Management 
    PSPP is legislated to work with the Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo). PSPP Corporation’s Chief Investment Officer oversees AIMCo to ensure they are generating the investment income needed to fund members’ and retirees’ pensions over the long term.
  3. Plan Administration 
    PSPP is legislated to delegate the day-to-day pension benefits administration to its agent, the Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS). You, as an employer, will not have to worry about the member direct services since PSPP Corporation handles all member communications and oversees the transactional work provided by APS. We also offer member sessions and employer orientation to help you get started with the plan.
  4. Support and assistance 
    As a PSPP employer, you will be partnered with a PSPP Stakeholder Representative who will answer your questions, provide support and educational material, and conduct presentations for your employees.

Benefits for PSPP members

  • Secure lifetime retirement benefits
  • Employer-matched contributions
  • Option to bring in pension service from previous employment
  • Survivor benefits
  • Early retirement options