Your PSPP pension is a great investment in your own future. It also lets you plan for people who are important to you. When you pass away, your beneficiaries might be entitled to different death benefits. The pension option you choose when you retire can affect that benefit.

That is why it is very important you keep your beneficiary information up to date.

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A spouse or partner is automatically first in line for any PSPP benefits if you pass away, unless they complete a waiver. It is important to let us know who your beneficiaries are even if you have a pension partner, in case you both pass away at the same time or if your spouse or partner dies before you.

Who Can Be A Beneficiary?

People or charities can be beneficiaries. If you name a charity, use the full name and charitable organization number instead of a person’s name.

If you are naming a minor or a dependent adult, you may want to name a trustee to look after the funds on their behalf. If you do not name a trustee, a trustee from Alberta's Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee may be appointed.

You can use your Will to tell us who your beneficiary is, although the pension designation in the Will needs to identify PSPP or your employment-based pension plan.

You should occasionally review who you have named as a beneficiary. You can update your beneficiaries by logging in to the website and using the secure, online portal, Your Pension Profile.

You may also want to consider getting independent legal and financial advice when you are making these decisions.