Appeal to the Appeal Tribunal

PSPP Corporation has established a process for the resolution of disputes involving Plan members or beneficiaries of administrative decisions provided to them by the benefit administrator, Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS). Before PSPP Corporation will consider an appeal, all right to recourse actions with APS must be completed.

Once all options to resolve the matter with APS are concluded, and you believe that you were denied a benefit to which you are entitled under the Plan, you may appeal that decision to a PSPP Corporation Appeal Tribunal. It is important to know that the Appeal Tribunal has no authority or discretion to award or provide a benefit or a remedy relating to a benefit unless that benefit or remedy is expressly permitted by the Plan and applicable legislation governing the PSPP.

The request for an appeal to the Appeal Tribunal must be made in writing within 60 days following the date of the letter advising you of the outcome of APS’ initial review is issued to you by APS. PSPP Corporation may agree to extend this time limit in some circumstances.

Process for an Appeal to the Appeal Tribunal

To request an appeal to the Appeal Tribunal, you must send a written statement explaining the matter to PSPP Corporation.

Your written statement needs to include:

  • a request for an appeal to the Appeal Tribunal;
  • confirmation that all right to recourse actions with APS have been completed;
  • the reasons for the appeal - outlining your point-of-view and the reasons you believe the Appeal Tribunal should review your case;
  • the remedy you are seeking; and
  • your email address and postal address.

If your appeal is accepted, PSPP Corporation will ask APS to provide a written submission outlining the reasons why the decision was made. APS’ submission will be provided to you so that you may add any information that you feel is missing.

Once you and APS have provided all relevant information, an Appeal Tribunal hearing will be scheduled, and the Appeal Tribunal will review all of the materials provided by both you and APS. You will be offered the opportunity to attend the hearing to make a verbal presentation if you choose. You may also choose to bring a representative to assist you. PSPP Corporation will advise you of any necessary arrangements for your attendance.

Following the hearing, the Appeal Tribunal will make a decision and provide the decision to you in writing.

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